Song of the South FAQ

What region are these discs? Will they play on US Players?

The dvds are region “0”. That means they are coded for any dvd player in the world.

However, these discs are formatted for players in the United States.

They will play on any US dvd or blu-ray player.

Is this the original film? Has it been edited?

This is the full film of “Song of the South” as it was first released to theaters in November of 1946. It is the full film: complete and unedited.


The runtime of the film on my disc is 94 minutes. That is the official runtime as can be verified on the Internet Movie Database.


The dvds other sites are selling have a runtime of 90 minutes. Even the ones claiming to be “digitally remastered” are selling 90 minute versions.

What sort of payments do you take?

I take all four major credit/debit cards: MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express.


You can also pay by snail mail with a check or money order. Please see the next question for details.


Please go through checkout to see all the payment options as I do offer alternatives as they arise.

How can I pay with a Check or Money Order?

To pay by check or money order just go through the checkout and select the option for check or money order. The details will be explained after you have submitted your order. There are no charges beyond what is stated in your cart.

Is This Site Secure?

Absolutely. All the information you enter on my site is encrytped as it leaves ***YOUR*** computer. Then it is not sent to my site but it bypasses my site and goes directly to the card processor. This means I never see your full credit card number. Only the the first four digits and the last four digits. Nor is your credit card number ever stored on my site. So, even if hackers managed to compromise my site, there would be no credit card information there for them to exploit.

Further, I cannot change your order nor can I charge you any more than you have authorized with your order. Both you and your information are 100% safe

Why don’t you offer any other films?

This site was created for the marketing of “Song of the South” exclusively. I do have other out-of-print titles on my sister site:

Song of the South is also offered there as well.

How is this shipped? How long will it take to get to me?

Orders are usually shipped one day after an order is placed. Occasionally, it will take another day or two. Saturday and Sunday orders are shipped the following Monday.
All orders are shipped USPS. First class can take 3 – 5 days to reach you. Priority 2 -3 days.
When the order is shipped you will get a shipping notification with a tracking number. If you do not see this in your inbox, check your spam folder.
If you find you have made a mistake with your email address, send me a note letting me know.

What if I am dissatisfied with the product?

I offer a money back guarantee. If the disc is defective in someway I will replace it free of charge.


I know that most people only want a good quality disc of this film and many people have been taken to the cleaners in their efforts to obtain a high-quality copy of this film.


I want you to know I will deal with you fairly.

My Credit/Debit Card did not go through. Now what?

A Credit/Debit card may not go through the first time because of an error. But after you correct the
error you need to wait about 10 minutes before attempting to submit the information again. This is not unique to my site, it is a requirement of the credit card industry.