Right now three cards are available to include when sending a dvd as a gift. All are on laminated card stock. These cards are included free of charge, but you must add them to your cart.


You can include a personalized note to be handwritten on the inside of the card. To do this just order the card and as you go through checkout you will see an area for “Ordering Notes”. Include your wishes there.


If you need to alter your message later, you can do so through an email. But you need to do that before the day is out.

tilted-birthday-card This is an attractive Birthday Card suitable for any age or gender. As mentioned above and with all these cards, you can include a message to be handwritten on the inside. Just use the “Order Notes” box on checkout.


This card is offered as a general greeting card to send when it’s not a birthday or other holiday, but just a “thinking of you” gift.


Thanksgiving-card This is one of a variety of cards I have for Thanksgiving. I cannot guarantee you will get this exact card, but the card will be of a similar autumn theme.


Christmas is on the way! Should you choose to send a dvd as a Christmas gift, this is the exact card sent if you choose to include it.