Song of the South DVD


Song of the South on DVD

For USA DVD and Blu-Ray Players


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Just as it was first shown in theaters — Complete and Unedited!

Will Play on ALL US DVD or Blu-Ray Players

There are absolutely no subtitles ANYWHERE on this disc

All DVDs come inside the case pictured and the product is shrinkwrapped. The disc comes with artwork similar to the case art. This will fit in well with your DVD collection and you will NOT be embarrassed to give this as a gift. Other sites will give you no case or artwork at all, while others get chintzy by using a lot of white space to cut down on the ink they use, making it look pretty cheap.


This disc is made for ALL U.S. televisions. Whether you are watching with a 19″ cathode ray tube or a 70″ hi-def flat screen the colors will be bright and the image highly defined. If you are a fan of high quality video, you owe it to yourself to purchase this disc. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the best Song of the South DVD ANYWHERE!


There are other sellers online who use tricks to get your purchase. The guy who charges a $5.00 premium by claiming his disc is a factory made dvd imported from overseas, (it’s not), and the seller who warns you that his sale ends at midnight, (he doesn’t mention it starts over one second after midnight.) Then there ARE those that will send you a disc without a case or any artwork – just a dvd in a square plastic case. No tricks here: You are being offered the best disc there is at a reasonable price. With a case. With the artwork shown. With art on the disc.


With elegant and easy to navigate menus, along with a gorgeous film print the disc also boasts two easter eggsin fact you can choose between any two of three easter egg cartoons, (click HERE for details). The easter egg cartoons on this disc are also very high quality.


I know you will be so happy with the 2.0 disc that I am offering a money back guarantee on this offer!



The features of this disc include:


  • The complete and unedited 94 minute feature film
  • A 1972 television trailer
  • The remastered 1986 Theatrical trailer
  • The 1946 Radio Plug/Juke Box featuring Johnny Mercer
  • Intereactive Menus and Chapter Selections
  • Your choice of TWO HIDDEN “easter eggs” (click HERE for details)

There are absolutely no subtitles ANYWHERE on this disc

This disc will play on ALL US DVD and Blu-Ray Players